Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Field Trip 1

Our first field trip saw us rendezvous at the Botanic Gardens. I was fortunate to get a long exposure shot of the waterfall - the sun going behind the clouds kept the exposure level down for the shot. Next, we headed for the lakeshore in the area of Parkes Place. Lots of variety here, although the late afternoon light was less dramatic than hoped for. Above, you can see my shot of a detail of one of the lakeside kiosks. I like the next photo of the skateboard family - you can see the different expressions on each of the faces. Finally, the trip was complete at the top of Mt Ainslie for some night shots. It was great to discover that our cameras could capture the unique blue of lake and sky even though the eye could not see the colour effect. I found my best photos to be just at that turning point between dusk and dark. You can see my shot over to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge; and I also tried a zoom effect during the long exposure for the shot looking down Anzac Parade. All in all, it was great fun to go out as a group and make the most of the photo opportunities.

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