Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In the first two photos, I set out to capture colours and light at a distinct time of day. First up is the gate and stone lantern at the Nara Peace Park, shot in late afternoon.

The next scene is of a eucalypt tree on the foothills of Mount Ainslie. The early afternoon light highlights the orange marks on the branches, which is an effect that you can't seem to capture with the sun elsewhere in the sky.

From here we move on to the South Coast and a shot of Glasshouse Rocks at Narooma. This was taken close to midday and the polarizing filter really gets the best out of the blue sea and sky.

Finally, I tried something different with the shot of the rock formation at Brou Lake. I turned the image on its head which seems to make the image open to interpretation (I see a floating continent).

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