Wednesday, June 16, 2010


These examples are all of fill flash. In the first shot I've used flash to fill the foreground and bring out the autumn colours - not only in the canopy but also with the vine and red leaves in the front left corner of the frame.

In the second shot, we see one of the lakeside kiosks. I've directed the flash upwards to the ceiling of the kiosk to fill out the orange and red pipe shapes. The use of fill flash is most useful here as it allows me to highlight the kiosk without over-exposing the water and sky in the background.

Next, we move on to a nearby piece of art from the sculpture garden at the National Gallery. The fill flash gives good lighting to the artwork, Floating Figure, while the natural light also brings out the reflections in the water.

Finally, a detail of a statue and water feature found outside Judith Wright Court on the ANU campus. I've softened the background in this shot to emphasise the sharpness and contrast in the detail of the face.

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