Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Major Assignment - Best of Canberra

Well, it’s time to review the work I’ve posted on this blog and select my seven best shots. This task has been easier after great insights and comments by my classmates week by week.

The seven themes we needed to focus on for the “Best of Canberra” are:
Depth of Field; Motion; Dramatic Light; Landscape; Architecture; Flash; and Street Photography.

Here, then, is my “Best of Canberra”.

Depth of Field -

This is a shot of Civic Square with the Ethos statue in the background. The wide depth of field is well suited to the distinct foreground, middle and background. The scene shows plenty of open space without clutter in the frame.

Motion -

This is a shot of flags on Parkes Place on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. The windy day helped me freeze the motion of the flags. The view to the Black Mountain Tower adds a point of interest to the composition.

Dramatic Light -

Next we have another shot of Civic Square – this time at night. I used a 30 sec exposure to capture the effect of the water surface and fountain heads in the foreground. The Canberra Theatre is in the background and just as I arrived to setup, a crowd suddenly emerged from the theatre for the showtime interval. The groups of people add a lot of interest to the shot.

Landscape -

Now we see a shot of the waterfall at the National Botanic Gardens. I used a shutter speed of 0.77 secs and with no filters on the lens. I’ve had mounted prints made from all these photos and this landscape shot prints really well.

Architecture -

My architecture shot is of a new skyscraper on Marcus Clarke St. This is an awesome building to photograph. The late afternoon light looks good but the wispy clouds complete the full effect.

Flash -

The next photo shows the use of fill flash. This is a shot of a statue and water feature at Judith Wright Court on the ANU campus. I like the mood and feeling conveyed by the face, emphasized by the soft focus of the background.

Street Photography -

I captured this street shot during the parade on Braidwood’s Festival day. I took quite a few shots as the parade passed by; and what really works in this instance is the interaction you can see between the performers and the crowd.

In addition to our own work, we needed to acquire a royalty free image - this one is by Christopher Meder -

Thanks to Reece for the excellent course material, ideas and tips. Thanks also to my colleagues for their participation and feedback. Let’s hope we can keep in touch and explore some great locations, cameras at the ready.